About the band


Burnadotte is …

Anders Eriksson: Lead vocals / ukulele / banjolele
Ed Edvinsson: tuba / vocals
Mark Ström: sopranino recorder

  • A true vintage vocalist, Anders Eriksson is re­juvenating the American song treasures of the early 20th century with his naturally vibrant and crisply arti­culated baritone. Bright-sounding ukuleles and banjoleles are his instruments of choice, and through the years Anders has acquired a vast knowledge of the early jazz repertoire.
  • Battling a heavy metal addict­ion since childhood, Ed Edvinsson now has aquired a wider taste in music and loves the vintage jazz tunes: This experienced bass player and backing vocalist has finally found a new musical home at Burnadotte Manor: At night he emerges out of his cave to defend our bass line territory wearing a large tuba.
  • Mark Ström has many years of experience in reviving Olden Tunes: Well studied in the 300+ years old performance practises of the Baroque, he is now taking a dive into the more recent improvisation reper­toire of early jazz. That wee sopran­ino recorder adds a crisp, birdlike brightness to the Burnadotte:ish soundscape.


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